About Dr. Scott Ph.D.

Here is Jimmy with his wife Amanda, who is Head of HK in the UK, at a Health Kinesiology event.

Jimmy Scott, Ph.D., is the founder of Health Kinesiology (HK). He received his degree in Physiological Psychology from the University of North Carolina. He spent several years at the National Institute of Mental Health before joining the University of California School of Medicine, first in Davis and then in San Francisco. He published some 30 research papers in traditional scientific and medical journals, as well as numerous popular magazine articles. He published a best-selling book about allergies and has made hundreds of radio, TV, and lecture appearances. .

Discovering that academic life was inadequate for him, he began intensive work in alternatives. His development of HK began in 1978 and continues to this day. HK is now an international movement with thousands of students and practitioners worldwide. Dr.Scott has been explicitly developing the science-based HK theoretical energy model since 1982.

Dr. Scott’s fervent desire to do everything and go everywhere remains his big frustration, and perhaps the source of his boundless energy. He has been a “ham” radio operator since high school, he scuba dives, and has owned two airplanes, which he flew all over the USA and some of Canada. He does not yet know how to plant a small garden or grow small vegetables – they just don’t stay that way in an energy balanced organic garden. He feels just as much at home in front of a computer, on a tractor, teaching a course, or in the wilderness, and now, being a  Grandfather and new Stepfather!

“Transformation is the essence of life. My biggest joy is seeing others transform their lives through HK.”

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  1. Nfl Shop says:

    nice share, good article, very usefull for me¡­thank you

  2. Now, I know how shallow I am!

  3. Andrew Paiva says:

    I am appalled as you travel the globe spreading the HK cheer while people in your home province are struggling with allergies and dying of anaphylaxis with no real way of getting training or getting help from you or your not so organized organization.

    Classes being held far away in the sticks where only those with vehicles and several hundread dollars can access the vital information that you have. It is sad that you are the keeper of what is probably the most important health discovery because you are not up to the job of getting this information out to benefit the people who need it most.

    I have had family die of allergic reactions, and you guys are not doing enough. You do not deserve to hold the keys that you do because you do not serve humankind.

    I have reached the point of frustration, and am truly disillusioned with the process you have put out for others who want to learn and practice HK for the benefit of all people.

    Before you revel in the glory of your gardens and airplanes and radios think of the Canadians who have died because of you. You who have had the answer and have not done enough to educate the people in your own backyard.

    May God have mercy on your soul.


    Andrew Paiva

  4. Brilliant writing – your page goes straight to my bookmarks. I got some nice inspirational thoughts after reading it.

  5. Been following your blog for 3 days now and i should say i am starting to like your post. and now how do i subscribe to your blog?

  6. tall ugg says:

    This is very moving work you have written for us. Some people need to know that these things can ensue to anyone. You have given me a better position now

  7. admin says:

    I understand your position. However, as an individual I can only help relatively few people. By teaching others to be teachers I achieve tremendous ‘force multiplication’ and thereby help many thousands. I have teachers of my work in various countries who have taught thousands of students / practitioners, who in turn work with many more thousands of clients. My free allergy manual has been downloaded thousands of times, from every area of the world and many dozens of countries, plus every state and province. Anybody who wants to take a class can recruit enough local students to have one of our teachers come to them for classes, so your willingness to work is the limiting factor. I am curious: what are you doing to help those less fortunate?

  8. Jimmy Scott, Ph.D. says:

    HK work is available in many countries all over the world. We have teachers in various countries. Training is available widely, in cities and the countryside. Practitioners are free to use the procedures as they like, for fee and for charity. We can help most beings with whatever bioenergy disturbances they have. We frequently deal with anger, frustration, envy, fear, anxiety, other mental disturbances, and so on. There are millions who need help; we are only thousands. Join us!

  9. John Wilson says:

    Hi Dr. Scott,
    I took one of your weekend courses from you about 20 years ago and am still applying some of your techniques even today, which considerable success. (especially with allergy tapping) It was perhaps the best brief learning session that I’ve ever had and I must truly thank you for that.

    Do you have any info on treating for peanut allergies. It seems to be rampant here and potentially fatal for some.

    What are your thoughts?

  10. Joseph schiesler says:

    Hi. I need to know if Dr. Scott is still taking patients or if he has already moved? Please let me know asap. it is urgent that i find out for one of his patients. Thanks

  11. Jimmy Scott, Ph.D. says:

    Yes, Dr Scott takes new clients.

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