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Health Kinesiology

Natural Bioenergetics

The terms listed here originated within Health Kinesiology, developing at various times since 1978 as titles of various original techniques. These terms are Copyrighted © by Jimmy Scott, Ph.D. and are also considered as Trademarks. A fuller description could be provided for interested parties.

Health Kinesiology    This work began in 1978 and the term was first applied in 1982. This name is now being gradually phased out in favor of the new term, Natural Bioenergetics.

Natural Bioenergetics    This is the overall organizing term. Other terms, below, are specific aspects of this major term. Other terms will be added to this list as they are developed.

AcuBioenergetics        Meridian System, TCM related
Behavioral Bioenergetics        Behavior, learning behavior
Body Bioenergetics         Bioenergetic body work
Environmental Bioenergetics         Intrusive Energies, Geobiology, Personal Space
Life Bioenergetics        Life Balance, lifestyle, occupation
Metabolic Bioenergetics        Bioenergetic aspects of metabolism
Nutritional Bioenergetics        Bioenergetic aspects of nutrition, diet, & supplements
Physiological Bioenergetics        SET, TEB, CD, MC, metabolic blocks, SCOTT Protocol,
(These terms are taught in Health Kinesiology and have to do with bioenergetic cellular repair and functioning. Overlaps Nutritional B and Metabolic B)
Psychological Bioenergetics or Psychobioenergetics        Psychological Structures, stress, and other aspects
Sensory Bioenergetics        vision, hearing, taste, etc
Spiritual Bioenergetics        Spiritual concepts, not religious
Subtle Bioenergetics        Subtle Body  energies
System Bioenergetics        Systems Pattern, alternate realities
Toning Bioenergetics        habit, exercise, fitness

The following, and other, terms are essentially sub categories of other more major terms. They are basically special areas of interest by specific practitioners.

Performance Bioenergetics

Fitness Bioenergetics

Sports Bioenergetics

Educational Bioenergetics

Parenting Bioenergetics

Relationship Bioenergetics

Integrated Bioenergetics

Practical Bioenergetics


Bioenergetic Tools LLC was founded 7 Feb 2006

Subtlenergy        This term as one word, with one “e” in the middle, was first used about 1990, as an internet domain name for Health Kinesiology. It is still in use! Bioenergetic Kinesiology, a term I created many years ago to include all forms of energy-based kinesiology. I do not now use this term myself for any of my work, preferring to use my term Natural Bioenergetics as a more accurate and precise term for all my work.

In most categories I have added a few examples, not comprehensive, to help understand the scope and subject area of each category. Most are self-explanatory. In the future some of these may change or additions made.

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