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Health Kinesiology

Natural Bioenergetics

The terms listed here originated within Health Kinesiology, developing at various times since 1978 as titles of various original techniques. These terms are Copyrighted © by Jimmy Scott, Ph.D. and are also considered as Trademarks. A fuller description could be provided for interested parties.

Health Kinesiology    This work began in 1978 and the term was first applied in 1982. This name is now being gradually phased out in favor of the new term, Natural Bioenergetics.

Natural Bioenergetics    This is the overall organizing term. Other terms, below, are specific aspects of this major term. Other terms will be added to this list as they are developed.

AcuBioenergetics        Meridian System, TCM related
Behavioral Bioenergetics        Behavior, learning behavior
Body Bioenergetics         Bioenergetic body work
Environmental Bioenergetics         Intrusive Energies, Geobiology, Personal Space
Life Bioenergetics        Life Balance, lifestyle, occupation
Metabolic Bioenergetics        Bioenergetic aspects of metabolism
Nutritional Bioenergetics        Bioenergetic aspects of nutrition, diet, & supplements
Physiological Bioenergetics        SET, TEB, CD, MC, metabolic blocks, SCOTT Protocol,
(These terms are taught in Health Kinesiology and have to do with bioenergetic cellular repair and functioning. Overlaps Nutritional B and Metabolic B)
Psychological Bioenergetics or Psychobioenergetics        Psychological Structures, stress, and other aspects
Sensory Bioenergetics        vision, hearing, taste, etc
Spiritual Bioenergetics        Spiritual concepts, not religious
Subtle Bioenergetics        Subtle Body  energies
System Bioenergetics        Systems Pattern, alternate realities
Toning Bioenergetics        habit, exercise, fitness

The following, and other, terms are essentially sub categories of other more major terms. They are basically special areas of interest by specific practitioners.

Performance Bioenergetics

Fitness Bioenergetics

Sports Bioenergetics

Educational Bioenergetics

Parenting Bioenergetics

Relationship Bioenergetics

Integrated Bioenergetics

Practical Bioenergetics


Bioenergetic Tools LLC was founded 7 Feb 2006

Subtlenergy        This term as one word, with one “e” in the middle, was first used about 1990, as an internet domain name for Health Kinesiology. It is still in use! Bioenergetic Kinesiology, a term I created many years ago to include all forms of energy-based kinesiology. I do not now use this term myself for any of my work, preferring to use my term Natural Bioenergetics as a more accurate and precise term for all my work.

In most categories I have added a few examples, not comprehensive, to help understand the scope and subject area of each category. Most are self-explanatory. In the future some of these may change or additions made.

Sep 10


By Jimmy Scott, Ph.D. Various No Comments »


The dictionary defines Bioenergetics as: The study of the flow and transformation of energy within and between living organisms and between living organisms and their environment.
It describes exactly what my Health Kinesiology work does, so I began using the term at least 12 years ago. That usage has increased to quite a number of categories of my work, so I want to publish some of these for all to see. These terms are already in use in HK and are copyrighted and are used as TradeMarks.


Health Kinesiology

I began developing HK in 1978 and named it HK in 1981.

Natural Bioenergetics

The overall Bioenergetic name for this body of work.


Categories (Partial Listing)

Behavioral Bioenergetics

(learning, behavior)


Body Bioenergetics

(bodywork, specialized massage)


Environmental Bioenergetics

(Feng Shui, geobiology)


Life Bioenergetics

(Life Balance, occupation, lifestyle)


Nutritional Bioenergetics

(diet, nutrition)


Physiological Bioenergetics

(psychophysiology, hormones, nervous system)


Psychological Bioenergetics or PsychoBioenergetics

(stress, anxiety, social)


Sensory Bioenergetics

(vision, audition, kinesthetics)


Spiritual Bioenergetics

(experiential, mediation, intuition)


Subtle Bioenergetics

(subtle bodies, Chakras, TCM)


System Bioenergetics

(Systems Pattern, Alternate Realities)


Toning Bioenergetics

(habit, exercise, fitness)


 Bioenergetic Kinesiology

A term I created many years ago to include all forms of energy-based kinesiology. I do not use this term myself for any of my work, preferring to use my term Natural Bioenergetics as a more accurate and precise term for all my work.


I have added a few examples, not comprehensive, to help understand the scope and subject area of each category. Most are self-explanatory. In the future some of these may change or additions made.

Sep 01

A major aspect of how kinesiology works is that the bioenergy system changes with any kind of stress. This stress can be physical or psychological. In Health Kinesiology we always start with a balanced bioenergy system. We then apply or address any situation and then muscle test to see what is happening to the bioenergy system. With any stress the bioenergy system becomes unbalanced and the tested muscle will weaken (more appropriately described as “unlock”). The person can be exposed to a food, for example, and if the tested muscle weakens, assuming particular reflex points are stimulated at the same time, then we can conclude the person is sensitive to or “allergic to that food”. Likewise we can evaluate the stress from psychological topics having the person think about that particular topic. For example, if a person thinks about “failure”, and failure is a stress, the tested muscle will also become weakened. Likewise for some people thinking “success” will also be stressful and will weaken the tested muscle. (In Health Kinesiology we teach methods for eliminating the stress.)
As I first demonstrated about 1979 or 1980, if we ask a properly and well structured question about a given topic you can also observe the muscle weakening according to whether the person is stressed by that topic. For example, we can ask the person “do you like your job?” If the person says “yes”, and the tested muscle weakens that tells us that the person is stressed by saying they like their job. This is not quite the same thing as lying but is very close.
This is also true the person simply talks about whether they like their job or do not like their job. With each statement they make, a quick and simple muscle test can determine which statement or parts of a statement are stressful or not stressful. If they lie within any comment that will be stressful and the muscle test will weaken.
Although ideally we want to do the muscle test directly on the “target” we do have another option. Another person can be a “surrogate” or “substitute” for the muscle testing if the target person is not physically available. Please note, that all this muscle testing does require proper training and significant experience to be consistently reliable. Kinesiology is a skill, not just a mechanical process. Furthermore, with my Health Kinesiology students I insist that they be able to demonstrate their accuracy with this procedure before accepting and trusting the results. This is especially true when doing “remote” testing. In this case, “remote” means the test subject is not physically present at the same location as a person doing the testing. A voice from a recording or via telephone or computer circuit can be used, because the sound carries those bioenergetic patterns, but requires significant practice to achieve reliable results. (This methodology is not taught within the HK classes. We teach HK methodology for use with the client present.) I personally achieved consistent reliability with this sort of testing many years ago. Note that, as a scientist, I have rigorous criteria for demonstrating reliability with this procedure.
Part of the Health Kinesiology training program includes strict instructions about using these techniques. The “target”, or client, must give both conscious permission and bioenergy permission for testing to be carried out. The conscious permission is obtained by simply asking the person for permission and the bioenergy permission is obtained through some muscle testing procedure after the conscious permission is obtained.
One sort of exception to these rules occurs when public figures make public statements, especially when their actions often affect us directly. For example, if a politician is giving a speech I believe it is “fair game” to test every single statement to see whether they are likely telling the truth. If they are making a campaign promise, and actually have no intention of carrying that out, and even though they are politicians, a little bit of stress in the bioenergy system is induced. In other words if they lie we can detect that quite reliably (given the conditions as described above). The same process applies to statements about their past, their associates, their relationships, and virtually any other topic.
Several years ago a new politician burst on the national scene and was becoming very popular, partly because of his statements and promises. I decided this person was very appropriate for me to test the things he was saying. He is an excellent orator and his speeches are full of emotional appeal. He also uses techniques of mass hypnosis (in the past I practiced hypnosis and taught hypnosis to medical residents). I also realized that from a more scientific viewpoint his speeches had virtually no real content. This was a perfect opportunity to utilize my energy testing procedures on his spoken statements. I was amazed at how few of his statements were not stressful. In other words almost everything he was saying was stressful bioenergetically, which I interpreted as lying. He statements included where he was born, his real name, aspects of his education, and virtually every campaign promise. I have never heard any politician so extreme with this kind of testing. As a matter of fact I concluded that every promise of what he was going to do actually was a promise that he was not going to do that! As a psychologist, I suspect a significant degree of sociopathic traits in his psychological makeup. It’s easy to understand my lack of respect for that person. Interestingly enough he was elected by a significant margin of strong supporters which now are abandoning support for him. To me he is an unscrupulous and unworthy person. I realized that, even before he was nominated as a candidate for election, all because of the methodology described above.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all candidates were publicly “screened” with this methodology? Imagine a political debate where every statement made by the candidates was tested this way publicly. The entire political landscape would be totally overturned and replaced with honest people. Think of this technology as the modern Diogenes Lamp.

Note: the typical sociopath usually is very glib, very convincing, and makes an excellent con man, or woman. Their manner of speaking is so smooth and natural that most people will believe them. The bioenergy testing procedure described above cuts right through their patter and reveals the truth. Sadly, these days, the concept of truth in the public sector seems to be unknown.

Aug 28

The Family Next Door

By Jimmy Scott, Ph.D. Various 1 Comment »

I know this elderly woman who recently told me this story.
Her now-deceased husband was born in Austria. When he was a young child his Christian family lived next door to a Jewish family. In the cemetery each grave of that family was marked by a Star of David. The head of that family was rather obsessive, demanding that everything be clean, orderly, and in place. But the family was nice and friendly. Once the man beckoned the young boy, who was the woman’s future husband, to reach into the man’s pocket, where the young boy found the first chocolate bar he ever had. The young boy’s family was not Jewish but the two neighboring families got along very nicely. Time passed and the young boy and his brother grew up. In the 1930s the older brother ended up joining the Nazi SS. The young boy ended up in Canada. The man next door had moved away and was becoming quite famous. His business and political activities eventually made him a household name worldwide. Even now all these years later everyone knows that nice  Jewish man next door as Adolf Hitler.

Some years later a baby was born in Kenya ….

Feb 05

My 20 December Blog, “The Photographs” was set in the mid 1940′s. From then we now teleport through time to the more or less now, the Future from then. The setting is the same. [If you did not read that December Post please do so now before reading further. The December Post is real in every detail the best that I can remember it.]
Please keep in mind that this Post is pure fantasy, and is not meant to reflect on any one, organization, or government. After all, who could believe such a story anyway?
There is a knock on the front door. My grandfather goes to the door, opens it, and sees a man, a stranger, dressed rather like the old–time traveling salesman.
“Yes?” my grandfather says.
The fellow replies “I am Joe Smith, from the Department of Health. We have to inspect every home and business to make sure everyone lives and works in a healthy environment.” He offers a very official looking photo ID for inspection, as though anyone would know what is fake or real.
“Oh?” my grandfather says.
“Yes. The Federal Government instituted new regulations which every state must follow, or important state programs will not be funded. You know, vaccinations, water fluoridation, and all those other great health measures.”
“Uh, what do you want to know?”
“First of all, I see you have an outhouse over the creek out beside the house. That is not permitted because it pollutes the river. There is a fine for that of $1000 a week. You have three days to comply.”
“I have a question for you, then. Because that little river down the hill is black and polluted from washing coal upstream, how much fine do they pay?”
“Oh, they do not have to pay a fine, as they pay $100 a year for the permit.”
“Furthermore, I see that your water supply is from a natural spring. That is not permitted unless you properly process the water and chlorinate it to make sure it is pure and safe to drink. Failure to do so will cost you another $1000 per week fine for non-compliance with the regulations. Again, you have three days to comply.”
“I see”, said my grandfather in such a manner that even at my few years of age I could tell he was doing some quick thinking.
“Is that a COW I see up on the hill?”, asks Joe.
“Everybody around these parts recognize cows” was granddaddy’s reply. “And, yes, we do drink the milk the way Mother Nature intended, raw. Also, the cow only gets a natural food diet, grain I myself grow and grazing on the organic hillside above here and has never been vaccinated.  Ain’t nobody ever got sick, either, from the milk, butter, cream, or the water.”
“Well, that is a blatant violation of the law. Unless that is changed immediately the FDA [Fraudulent Directives Administration] will send out their SWAT Team and close this place down and throw you into jail, place the kids into a safe foster home, and demolish this unsafe house.”
“Hummm”, my grandfather mutters as he calmly walks over to the side wall of the living room where his double-barrel 12 gauge resides.
As he reaches for it Joe notices and says, “Do you have a permit for that gun? I see there is no trigger lock. Those violations can put you into jail for 6 months each!”
Granddaddy calmly reaches into a drawer and pulls out two of those 12 gauge shells, and began slowly inserting them into the gun, of course being careful not to point it at anyone.
Joe got very excited at that and said, in an increasingly shaky voice, “W… wh… what are you d. d. doing?”
Grandfather said very calmly and deliberately, “I am helping you write your report about your visit here. What is it going to say?”
Joe was no dummy at this point so he said, in his still shaky voice, “Inspection showed no violations, and further inspections will not be needed.”
Granddaddy said, “Good boy. Now leave here and go find yourself a real job.”
“Yes, YES SIR, and thank you for being so understanding.”
Then Granddaddy said to me, “ I remember those Photographs, too.”

Dec 20

The Photographs

By Jimmy Scott, Ph.D. Various No Comments »

When I was very young my father was drafted into the US Army to “Fight the Nazis”. I remember the day he left; I hid under the covers of my bed, as though that would stop his departure.
My mother, older sister, and I moved in with his dad, in the mountains of West Virginia. My grandfather had built that house, situated above the little river, beside a small creek, on the mountainside. The garden was up the hill, as was the grazing pasture for the cow. Even then the house was not new. We did not have indoor plumbing, and got our water from a pipe placed into a spring at the creek. The outhouse was placed over the creek, downstream, of course. That stream ran into the little river, but no one was concerned with pollution; after all, the river was already black from washing coal further upstream. To take a bath we got water from the spring-pipe, carried it into the kitchen, heated the water on the wood–burning cookstove, then, when hot enough, it was poured into a galvanized “wash tub” placed on the floor. Winter heat was with a coal stove. That was just how things were. I don’t recall knowing the word “complain”. Oh, we did have electricity, along with fresh raw milk and butter, which I frequently churned myself, and other fresh organic foods. I think only organic was available, but was not called that. It was just real food.
My dad was in an MP Detachment and was variously located in England, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, and Germany. He virtually never talked about what he did in the war, just about his buddies. The worst time he had seemed to be the Battle of the Luddendorff Bridge at Remagen. I only remembered twice my dad ever crying. Once was at the death of one of his brothers and the other was him remembering about the battle when he visited the site decades later (but he did not talk about it).
As his unit penetrated deeper into Germany at the end of the war they entered a concentration camp. He took pictures, and they were deeply ingrained into my memory at the tender age of about 6. These were pictures of many dead people; gaunt, starved, sickly looking, mostly necked, dead bodies. Piles of dead bodies. A bulldozer trench was filled with these bodies for mass burial.
It is my understanding that the IG Farben drug company ran at least some of these camps and was known to make nerve gas. IG Farben was broken up into four different drug companies after the war. Interestingly enough it is these same four drug companies which have been the major push behind the Codex Alimentarious, the UN has pushed international effort to control all foodstuffs around the world. (I will have another Blog entry about this later.) These are the regulations which are designed to ban things like garlic in a capsule and raw milk, but push irradiated foods, GMO foods, and other un-natural “foods”. Every time I hear Codex what I remember is those photographs.
I know a German woman who grew up in 1930′s Germany. In a very quiet conversation (we were in public) she told me she could not tell the difference between 1930′s Germany and modern Germany. Furthermore, the USA and Canada both were worse than 1930′s Germany. I remembered those photographs.
Every time I read of the government seizing children to forcibly vaccinate them, I remember those photographs.
Every time I hear of “health” Canada inspectors forcibly dragging Citizens out of their vehicles and pushing them into the ground just because they have a container of raw milk on the seat, I Remember the photographs.
Every time I hear about the abuses of the TSA on travelers, I remember the photographs.
Every time I hear about the cops in Tennessee (and other places) stopping vehicles on the slightest whim and seizing their money, I remember the photographs.
When I hear the US Congress has yet again passed unconstitutional laws, which the judges will probably uphold, I remember the photographs.
Every time I am searched for an hour when I drive across the Border into Canada, I remember the photographs. (And it IS every time.)
Every time I hear of a young kid having their lemonade stand smashed by authorities for violating some inane law, I remember the photographs.
Every time the politicians push for more gun control laws, I remember the photographs of an unarmed people.
Every time I cannot obtain health–giving natural remedies for myself or clients while toxic drugs and vaccines are pushed on everyone, I remember the photographs.
Every time I think about my father’s great grandmother, a Cherokee woman who escaped from the infamous “Trail of Tears”, I remember the photographs.
Every time I hear of an alternative health practitioner who is being harassed by “the authorities”, I remember the photographs.
When congress (deliberate small c) passed a law to allow Citizens to be arrested and incarcerated indefinitely without charge or hearing, I was horrified, and remembered those photographs.
When I hear of the insane corruption of politicians, public officials, bankers, and some large businesses, I remember the photographs.
If you quote some things in public that Thomas Jefferson said, you get arrested for terrorism. Remember the photographs?
In far too many instances recently if you protest too much you get beat by the police. Remember those photographs!
Why is it that when we peacefully protest the addition of toxic fluoride and toxic chlorine to our water we are ignored? Next comes the photographs.
Why is it that when we peacefully resist more gun control laws we are ignored and told it does not matter what we want. Load the camera, here come more photographs.
Sadly this list of examples hardly conveys its extent. A large volume would be needed to document all the instances so briefly illustrated here. If we all work together in clear and logical thinking and action we can overcome this situation peacefully. It MUST be done or else there will be more of those photographs.
In all too many (one is too many) cases we are arrested for taking pictures of what the “authorities” are doing. They don’t want us to see those photographs. Wonder why? What do these photographs show? Good honest, peaceful, caring public servants, doing what is necessary to truly protect us? Maybe we will see how those original photographs came about. In which picture do you want to be featured? We need to make sure there can never be any more new photographs like those old photographs. And, no, I do not mean by censorship!

Dec 18

The Box

By Jimmy Scott, Ph.D. Various 1 Comment »

What is a box? A box is a container, which keeps things in, but also keeps things out. For most people the most important thing kept out is new thinking. For ages. I have said, “I am so far out-of-the-box I don’t know where the box is”. My work and my thinking, by most people’s standards, is definitely unorthodox. That what I do works so incredibly well is just not believable by those people who still live in their small box and will not consider a new way of thinking or doing. Let me describe a recent example of something in a very small box.

I have been consulting with the family about a child who is now a few months old. For privacy of the family I will not describe much detail about this child, but the child was born with serious birth defects and has undergone surgery as a consequence. Some of these defects are mostly not amenable to surgical intervention. My bioenergetic work with this child has suggested a number of bioenergy corrections and some nutritional intervention. It was clear, bioenergetically, that this child had significant nutritional deficiencies. Being fed through a tube, reportedly directly into his duodenum, gives good opportunity to give this child quality nutrients. Mother’s milk is a major part of the diet, supplemented (according to the medical people) with a standard infant formula (which I consider grossly inadequate, in not downright harmful, since it is full of synthetic materials and a lot of sugar). I suggested several additions to the diet, including vitamin D3, a good ionized calcium, DHA, and several other items, including changes to mom’s diet is. One recommendation was biotin. Now the official guidelines suggest 5 µg of biotin are sufficient for a child that age. My bioenergetic testing indicated more like 60 µg of biotin where required. The boxed in people refused to give that much. The hospital dietitian insisted that 5 µg was enough because that was the standard recommendation. In our discussion of that number she said well, 5 µg is all that 98% of the population needs. I said that this kid is not in the 98%. Furthermore, that intake is presumably the amount needed by healthy people to stay healthy. She didn’t have much response to that. I also mentioned the work of Roger Williams, the discoverer of pantothenic acid and who named folic acid, and he wrote about biochemical individuality. Many years ago Williams showed that genetically identical mice, as understood in that day, could have as much as a twentyfold difference in need for a given specific nutrient. It seems she never heard of Williams. The bottom line was that she said she could not give more than the five unless I could refer her to peer review published studies indicating that the 60 µg was safe and effective, or some such thing as that. It was not clear to me she had to adhere to a book or whether it was her book. It took me only a few minutes of on-line checking to discover interesting things about biotin. One is that most adults have an adequate level of biotin because biotin is made by the microorganisms in the gut. Much more is being made in the body than it needs to use (some times hundreds or even thousands of times more) and so most adults have an excess of biotin being made in the body. Great. Further reading indicates basically that biotin is not toxic even as in large amounts. And, very importantly, in some pregnancies something happens to the microorganisms in the gut that make the biotin and so the pregnant woman becomes deficient in biotin. It is also indicated that a deficiency of biotin is associated with birth defects. Now it seems to me that a hospital, when working with a child with birth defects, would assign somebody to be responsible for knowing what’s in the literature about that. And a dietitian should especially do some research. To refuse to give essential nutrients when indicated is, in my mind, serious malpractice. Furthermore, even if this literature is not very adequate a child in such serious condition deserves every benefit of the doubt. The child might die anyway, but to die from malnutrition in a hospital is unconscionable.

I’ve had a theory for a number of years now.
It is not rare that we read a newspaper story about some person who, for example, ran off the road in their vehicle and was lying trapped in the ditch for five days before they were found, still alive and relatively unharmed mechanically. However, after two or three days in the hospital they died “of their injuries”. I have a hard time understanding why, if they are okay after five days without attention, they would die two or three days after being given attention and treatment. My theory is this: one of the first medical treatments is to give IV glucose. Now glucose, in order to be metabolized in the body, requires the use of various other nutrients. After five days of no nutrients coming into the body many people in that circumstance will have low levels of those nutrients, so getting glucose, will deplete those nutrients still further, leaving body systems with inadequate levels to continue functioning. [See Note at bottom of this article.] If no glucose were given and the person was just fed real food, or additional appropriate nutrients were provided, along with the glucose, those people may not have died. In other words, inadequate medical treatment literally causes the death. To be clear, I don’t have real supporting data for this hypothesis, but I have seen repeatedly that the lack of nutrition education in the medical system is harmful to people. For example, sometimes I work with people who have cancer. Every one of these folks in the last 2 or 3 years I have asked a simple question: “Did your medical doctor talk to you about vitamin D and cancer?” So far everyone has said “No”. How can it be that the medical doctors seem to be the only people who do not know something about the literature about cancer and vitamin D? That information has been published in virtually every magazine, many books, talked about on many, many radio and TV stations, newspaper articles, and vast numbers of references on the Internet.
When I was medical school faculty, several decades ago, and I talked about nutrition to colleagues’s nobody wanted to listen. Then, and I believe it is still true, medical students received about three hours lecture about nutrition in their entire career. This three hours of lecture included wonderful information like “three square meals a day is all you need”, “taking vitamins is a way to make expensive urine”, and other equally useful information!
It is this ignorance which is at the key to the issues with the child discussed above. Furthermore, it is this ignorance which allows pregnant women to be or become, nutritionally deficient, in turn causing many more birth defects than would happen otherwise. To me this is criminal. Even the March of Dimes Charity has claimed that half of all birth defects are due to malnutrition. I am quite certain they significantly understate the case.
In my bioenergetic work I use an energy index of diet quality. The perfect diet has an index of 100, but this is essentially impossible these days because food quality is so low, so I consider that any index of 90 or above is usually adequate. I have tested the diet quality in hospitals for a number of people that I know personally. (They were there for physical injury requiring surgery. To really heal they get out as quickly as possible.) A typical hospital diet index is about 20 on my scale. The fast food place down the block, or even the canteen in the hospital, usually has a diet quality index of about 30 or 35. In other words, the traditionally called “junk food diet” is actually better quality than the typical  hospital diet. Maybe now we know one of the reasons that so many deaths occur in the hospitals!

Being afraid to step out of your box and look at the broader universe is very sad. The World is changing very rapidly these days, and if you insist on staying in your box, it may be the one you are buried in.


Note from above
Over the years I have supervised many people fasting, and often participate myself. Almost anyone can safely fast for a week or more. I have supervised a month-long fast and countless shorter ones. If you have difficulties on the first and second days particularly, it usually means you are undergoing withdrawal from foods to which you have become addicted. This is little different than withdrawal from drug addiction.
On a whim I can decide to fast and do so for a week or two with no effort at all (and no one notices unless I mention it). As a bonus, the time saved by not dealing with eating can be put to good use! Good reasons to fast will be discussed in later Posts.

A reasonably healthy person should easily be able to fast for a week or ten days without any special effort and hardly notice any hunger most of the time.

May 02

Almost anyone who has been paying any attention has been hearing about predicted events around 2012. Are these predictions for real? There are people who say they know for sure and others who insist the exact opposite. For certain, however, we will all find out in the next year or two.
Add to those concerns the issues about the economy, excessive government pressures to regulate everything that is natural out of existence, the increasing extremes in the weather, be it tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, or earthquakes, and we are all in the middle of the ancient Chinese curse “living in interesting times”.

So the question is have you been preparing in any way for your future? My point in this blog is to discuss your testing to see if your preparations are adequate and working. This topic occurred to me in “bold print” in the last few days because of a local storm. It was not horrendous, but the high winds did cause extensive damage to trees, power lines, and other things. The electricity was off in our home and office for about two days. So I cranked up my diesel powered generator, flipped a few switches and had — some glitches. Nothing major, just a short circuit in one side of the output lines from the generator. Of course, that tripped the circuit breaker. The consequence of that was that part of the house and office had electricity. The other part did not. That itself is not a big issue, except that some equipment operates on 240 V and it was getting only 120 V. That does strange things to equipment like water pumps!
We had the electricity we needed for our telephones, fax, computers, printers, food preparation, etc. However, one big problem was that our Internet service provider was also knocked out by the power outage (and as of my writing this it is still off). These days in many homes and offices without the Internet, things just bog down. Our business is so Internet oriented that we can hardly function without it. We just promised a client a copy of a document, but could not send the e-mail. We had a telephone inquiry about a package which we had shipped, but we could not check where it was with our tracking number. Internet banking? Forget it! And so on and on.

Let’s fast-forward anywhere from a year and a half to two years. Suppose the powerful magnetic pulse from the sun does happen. Suppose there are ultra-massive earthquakes and storms. Suppose significant numbers of people do not survive. Are you ready to function in that circumstance? Can you generate electrical power indefinitely (diesel won’t last very long under that circumstance). And that assumes your electrical power system will even survive that (those) electric magnetic pulse(s). What if it doesn’t? You may have developed the materials and the skills necessary to survive in a less-developed world, but have you developed the attitude that you need? If you just can’t give up your coffee from the shop, or your frozen pizza, or your daily newspaper, or those sugared carbonated artificially flavored and colored products miscalled beverages, or those favorite TV shows, or having those daily long hot showers, or chatting with your friends on the Internet or telephone, and all those other components of many people’s modern-day life, you’re going to have a difficult time! Withdrawal from iAddiction may be worse than any other for many.

Many “preppers” have been preparing space and gathering goods for survival or barter. They may not have paid sufficient attention to their new social and psychological situation if such a disaster occurs. In fact, I believe that your mind set is probably the most important component of your survival and happily thriving afterwards. If the adjustment to a totally new environment is quite stressful for you, your probability of survival diminishes. If you can’t adapt to the massive changes in your lifestyle , your probability of survival diminishes. If you can’t learn to eat things that you don’t like, your probability of survival diminishes. If you can’t cooperate with other people in new ways, your probability of survival diminishes. If you can’t use your mental abilities to problem solve almost everything, your probability of survival diminishes. If you can’t imagine catching and preparing an animal for your food, your probability of survival diminishes. If you can’t believe you must grow your food, your probability of survival diminishes. You can keep adding to this list indefinitely and when you are confident in each of these situations your probability of survival increases. What is your choice? What is your probability of survival? Starting now improves your chances.

Your mind set can be changed with very simple techniques and procedures. We have been doing that for more than three decades with Health Kinesiology methodology. If you want some help with these or other issues, look at the links on this site. HK has practitioners in many parts of the world.

I developed a technique called Belief System Elimination or BS Elimination for short. BSE generally only takes a few seconds and you will probably be amazed at how effective it is. This is a link to illustrated directions about how to do the technique. This link: is Part One of a video discussing this procedure and shows you exactly how to do it yourself, step–by–step. This is Part Two, with another real life example: This link: leads to the previous links and additional information, including further videos.

[The BSE technique is a special case of the SCOTT Protocol (Stimulating Connections & Organization Through Touch. That it spells my last name is purely coincidental, mind you. That work is only for professional training, but has been remarked effective at reconnecting disrupted brain / body pathways. I developed it originally for a quadriplegic, who now walks. It has helped with learning disorders, autism, stuttering, verbal / language fluency, movement, and many other issues where the brain just does not properly connect with the body of within itself.]

In your new world of survival you may encounter substances which might or might not be toxic or good sources of nutrition. The SET methodology I developed in 1980 could literally save your life. For the most effective use it is best to attend Health Kinesiology classes, but this method also has a simpler, though a slightly less powerful sister. Check out this link: for general information and this link for the Manual itself:

Thousands of people have downloaded this free Class Manual for Cure Your Own Allergies in Minutes, the name of the book I first published in 1998. The second edition of that book will be available eventually! I invented the first bioenergy correction for allergies in early 1980, methodology as yet unequaled. With this technology you can reliably muscle test whether or not any substance is OK to use or not, and if so, how much you can tolerate. If you are exposed to something and you or someone else start experiencing toxic or allergy symptoms the methodology can reduce the reactions very rapidly and help the body detoxify accordingly. Over 30 years of experience by thousands of users have proven the method. And, it only takes a few minutes. Hey, it’s for free; what can you lose?

In such a case as the 2012 catastrophe not occurring, you will still benefit dramatically from the changes you’re able to make. I urge you to choose to do that now because 2013 might be too late. I intend to survive comfortably. I hope you will, also.

Apr 18

Below is the verbatim copy of a report from the Orthomolecular Medicine News published 8 April 2011.

I used to belong to the Orthomolecular Medical Society when I lived in
San Francisco. Ortho (right) molecular (molecule) means having the right amount of the right molecule in the right place at the right time. I always had a disagreement with them, however, as I was a firm believer in having those molecules in a natural form, not synthetic. Although chemists may not be able to distinguish the natural from synthetic molecules there is an extremely big difference between the whole natural complex vs. the individual molecule. Ascorbic acid, for example, is NOT vitamin C  (even though it is declared to be so by the regulatory powers), because the whole natural vitamin C complex contains other molecules. In fact plain ascorbic acid does not cure scurvy, even though that is the definition of vitamin C! (According to  Albert St. Gyorgy, Nobel Prize winner for its discovery). Linus Pauling, another Nobel Prize winner, the champion of ascorbic acid, could never get that distinction in my discussions with him about it. He was, after all, a reductionist chemist!

There is, however, an entire spectrum between truly natural and pure chemical-vat synthetic. That topic will be discussed another time.

Vaccines are not now natural products. They are manufactured using numerous toxic and un-natural materials. Careful reading of the scientific (using the term loosely) literature about vaccination only leads to one conclusion. Most, if not all, vaccines cause far more harm than good.

Read this:

This article may be reprinted free of charge provided 1) that there is clear attribution to the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, and 2) that both the OMNS free subscription link and also the OMNS archive link are included.

Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, April 8, 2011

The Health Hazards of Disease Prevention
A Personal Viewpoint by Damien Downing, M.D., London, U.K.

(OMNS Apr 8, 2011) “No pharmaceutical drug is devoid of risks from adverse reactions and vaccines are no exception. Vaccination is a medical intervention and should be carried out with the informed consent of those who are being subjected to it.” (Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic, University of British Columbia.)

At a conference held in London this month by the British Society for Ecological Medicine, the main topic was vaccinations. Not one person speaking was anti-vaccination; most said they were in favor of vaccination, but even more so of vaccine safety. One speaker summarized it this way: “Most vaccines offer benefit to most children most of the time. Some vaccines do harm to some children some of the time.”

Here are some of the surprising facts reported.


How safe are vaccines?

  • There are no studies comparing vaccine safety to a genuine placebo. The only study that claims to do so (1) compared active vaccines to a placebo containing all the adjuvants, including neomycin (a known neurotoxin).
  • Adjuvants, a key component of all vaccinations, have been shown to predispose to autoimmune disease (2).
  • Aluminum is a serious neurotoxin but is used as an adjuvant in many vaccines; between 2 and 18 months of age children may repeatedly receive up to 50 times the FDA safety limit in vaccines alone (3).
  • A Cochrane review of MMR in 2005 found that “The design and reporting of safety outcomes in MMR vaccine studies, both pre- and post-marketing, are largely inadequate”(4).
  • Recorded adverse events following HPV vaccine in the US, which are thought to represent less than 10% of the actual incidence, now stand at well over 21,000, including 93 deaths, 8,661 emergency room visits, 4,382 cases who have not recovered and 702 who have been disabled. (5)


Do we need all these vaccines?

  • Why do we give rubella vaccinations to boys when the only people that rubella seriously affects are pregnant women and their babies?
  • Mumps is very rare and only of serious danger to boys – so why give it to girls? Introduction of the mumps vaccine only served to shift the incidence of the disease from very young children, in whom it was harmless, to older children in whom it was not.
  • Diphtheria had effectively disappeared by the time the vaccination for it was introduced.
  • Catching measles in childhood reduces the risk of asthma by 80% and of allergy in general by 30% (6).
  • Chicken pox, caught under the age of eight, reduces the risk of eczema by 45% and of severe eczema by a dramatic 96% (7).


Who can we trust?

Vera Hassner Sharav writes: “Public health officials on both sides of the Atlantic have lost the public trust because they have been in league with vaccine manufacturers in denying that safety problems exist. If vaccines posed no safety problems why has the US Vaccine Court awarded more than $2 billion dollars to settle 2,500 cases involving vaccine-related debilitating injuries in children?” (8)

When US FDA officials analyzed the data on autism and thimerosal-containing vaccines they found a clear link. Their response, detailed in transcripts of a meeting at Simpsonwood, VA in July 2000 was to “massage” the data to make the link go away (9).

In the UK, JCVI (Joint Committee on Vaccines and Immunization) has known since 1986 that there were serious safety concerns around vaccinations, for measles in particular. JCVI has repeatedly responded to negative data by ignoring it or covering it up, and has downplayed vaccine safety concerns while overplaying benefits (10).


Clearly Not the CDC

If you thought all that was bad, try out the proposal from the National Centers for Immunization and Respiratory Disease in CDC; a study found that the IgA antibodies in breast milk could reduce the potency of vaccines – especially in developing countries; American breast milk is not nearly as good (11). Their proposal: delay breast-feeding. No, you didn’t misread; the abstract says; “Strategies to overcome this negative effect, such as delaying breast-feeding at the time of immunization, should be evaluated.”

Oh, right. That’ll fix it. Not!



(1) Virtanen M, Peltola H, Paunio M, Heinonen OP. Day-to-day reactogenicity and the healthy vaccinee effect of measles-mumps-rubella vaccination. Pediatrics.2000 Nov;106(5):E62.

(2) Schoenfeld Y, Agmon-Levin N. ‘ASIA’ Autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants. Journal of Autoimmunity 2011; 36 4-8 doi:10.1016/j.jaut.2010.07.003

(3) Tomljenovic L. Aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease: After a Century of Controversy, Is there a Plausible Link? J Alzheimer’s Dis 2010; 23: 1-32. doi: 10.3233/JAD-2010-101494.

(4) Demicheli V, Jefferson T, Rivetti A, Price D. Vaccines for measles, mumps and rubella in children. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2005, Issue 4. Art. No.: CD004407. doi: 10.1002/14651858.CD004407.pub2.

(5) VAERS; Accessed February 2011

(6) Rosenlund H et al. Allergic disease and atopic sensitization in children in relation to measles vaccination and measles infection. Pediatrics 2009; 123 (3): 771-8

(7) Silverberg JI, Norowitz KB, Kleiman E et al. Association between varicella zoster virus infection and atopic dermatitis in early and late childhood: A case-control study. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 2010; 126: 300-305

(8) Alliance for Human Research Protection.



(11) Shane AL, Jiang B, Baek LJ et al. Inhibitory Effect of Breast Milk on Infectivity of Live Oral Rotavirus Vaccines. Pediatr Infect Dis J. 2010; 29(10): 919-923.


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Mar 16


By Jimmy Scott, Ph.D. Various 1 Comment »

Scary concept to most people. With the nuclear power plant problems in Japan just now, many people have renewed their fears. Lets take a closer look.

When the United States exploded two atomic bombs in Japan in WWII we heard about the horrible devastation caused not only by the blast itself, but perhaps even worse, the radiation. The pictures of people suffering from radiation sickness were difficult to look at. Nobody ever wants to see that again.

Although not a “secret” in the official sense, there was a remarkable story which has remained virtually secret anyway. I learned of this secret many decades ago, when I was a teen, and I cannot recall anyone else who seemed to have learned of it. I read about this in a scholarly book, a section of which was a discussion of the radiation damage from the explosions. That remarkable secret was that there were groups of people, while  living among the others who were damaged and killed by the radiation, who did not develop any signs of exposure to that radiation. How could that be, when we all “know” that nothing can be done to prevent the sad effects of high levels of radiation exposure? Why do we all believe that those people could not possibly survive? How could those folks be protected from the ill effects of their exposure to such high levels or radiation?

The answer is relatively simple. They ate diets rich in seafood and seaweeds. That was their lifestyle.

Fast forward a few decades. In my Health Kinesiology, HK, work I have consulted with various clients who had rather severe issues. Some of them chose to undergo radiation treatments. The question then presents itself: Can we do something to help their bodies better tolerate the radiation? Can we prevent “radiation sickness” or “radiation burns”? Can we help them recover faster? As always with HK we “ask the body”. Through our muscle testing procedures we can find out what the body itself wants, or does not want. What helps or what harms. By doing this carefully and thoroughly we can optimize the person’s life. What I found with these radiation treatments was that by giving the client sufficient amounts of various nutrients we could totally prevent all the negative effects of the radiation! In other words, the body is perfectly capable of repairing damage if it is provided with enough of the appropriate raw materials. This is exactly why those folks in 1940′s Japan were able to withstand the effects of the radiation–they had sufficient raw materials in their bodies to repair the radiation damage!

In modern times when there is some radiation leak the local people are urged to take potassium iodide, KI. The idea is, of course, to provide enough non-radioactive iodine that people will absorb less of the leaked radioactive iodine, thus being a bit more protected. Unfortunately, this approach is usually less than adequate. This is for at least two reasons: 1) It is not only iodine which is released!, 2) the radation damages tissues which require much more than just iodine for protection / repair. For example, the Japanese reactors are also leaking cesium. KI does not protect from cesium, a highly alkaline mineral which competes with lithium, sodium, potassium, and rubidium. Interestingly, non-radioactive cesium, and rubidium, have been used successfully as a cancer treatment (related to their highly alkaline nature).

How much nutrition is necessary for protection? On the simple level, if one needed, say 3 tablets of 10 different supplements “normally”, then with medical radiation the intake would be increased by about 10 / ten, times! Also, intake would have to include perhaps an additional 10 supplements. In other words, supplements could go from 30 pills a day to maybe 600 a day! That is how damaging medical radiation can be. On the other hand, if you are really eating properly and you build up your “metabolic  reserve” (stored nutrients), then your body will probably not get sick to begin with, and if you do get accidently exposed to any radiation then your body should be able to repair the damage and have little if any adverse effect. (Just like those Japanese folks.)

Eating well, by the way, is not done by following the orthodox recommended diet suggestions. I have bioenergetically tested thousands of people over the years, and I consistently find that most people’s bodys prefer a low carbohydrate, organic fresh whole natural foods diet. Grain intake should be very low, and then only eat whole grains. Pasturized products have lost most of their most beneficial components. Non-raw dairy is politely called junk. Artificial colors, flavors, and sweetners are forbidden. Frequent small amounts of a wide variety of foods are perhaps the most important rule of good diet practice. Meats and poultry are OK, if they are not contaminated by antibiotics, hormones, and so on. The so-called studies which condemn meats never seem to compare organic with commercial versions!

That said, there have been studies which concluded that chlorophyll has radiation protection properties. Naturally (pun intended) eating whole dark green vegetables is the best way to get the chlorophyll. Bottles of liquid chlorophyll are available, but the water soluble type has been chemically changed so is not quite like the original plant sources. Crude chlorophyll is a thick oily messy fantastic product. It stimulates new cell growth, rapidly eliminates pain in freshly damaged tissues (I verify that by personal experience with ripped-off toenail), speeds healing (especially with open wounds and burns), and so on. Also, it is a rich source of vitamins A and E. Anyway, get into the habit of eating some dark green veggies every day (broccoli, chard, spinach, beet greens, asparagus, turnip greens, etc.). Oh, and don’t forget, most sea weeds are green, too. That algae really soaks up the sunlight and grows up rich in trace minerals along the way. Protection in so many ways!

Background radiation is generally small. I have a professional grade radiation meter. For years I have periodically checked the radiation levels wherever I happen to be. On the ground in North American and Europe the typical counts–per–minute have been around 15. In the last few years at home I get average counts a little less, about 12. On a flight to and from Europe some years ago I got counts of about 600 at the highest altitudes.
What do these counts mean? 15 is about 0.015 mr / hr (millirem per hour). 600 is about 0.62 mr / hr. American workers are allowed about 5  rem (equals 5000 mr) total dose over a year. That is over 8000 hours at the 0.62 rate. (Note: Sievert is the unit used in some countries. 1 millisievert (mSv) = 100 mrem.)

Obviously the best way to protect yourself is to start well before the necessity to do so! Get yourself super healthy, take some precautions, and do not worry–that stress depletes your nutrient storage. Oh, it is best to get started last year. Otherwise, as they say, “There is no time like the present!”. Start NOW.

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